P'nti Words & Phrases

Word / PhraseTranslation
b't t'n (bah-tay tah nay)be/stay curious/busy (casual goodbye parting phrase).
Chntl (chin-Täl)“the currents”
cjcj whh (jay-jay wah-Ha)“What’s anticipated?” or “What’s up?”
Dj (djoo or /dˈjü/)good, pleasant (sometimes wanted or desired goodness.)
dk sit (dok sa-lee-tee)The sun is at its apex.
dkyw (dok-ya-wea)first glimmer of sunrise.
jnmh (jahn MAH)“Be one with me / Merge with me”
jn pst t (jay-nah pose-tay tah)translates loosely as “will you join with me?”
Jptdy (Geepatadayoo)Neologism
k'k' (kee kee)thank you.
Knh hp (Kay-nah hoo-pay)“The night has awoken / risen.”
kktrnln (keh keh trin lan)mountaintop covered by clouds, “cloud hat” or “woman changes her hat”
kwh (kee-Wah-hoo or kee-Wah-hu)loosely translates to the “blue water people” or Earth Humans.
m db th ynmh (me dob thea yanma)me/i something wanted/desired/liked (in) my mouth.
mh cll (maHa-a cah lel)You are most welcome. (your words are warming to me).
p'fn (Puh-fin)silly.
py ndk (pay-you nah-DAHK)ground and roasted legume-type bean drink with a deep dark flavored natural sweetener (a wild black “honey”).
t'h t'l d'st (teHah teLee diStay)Hello friend, I am (called).
t'ch mn (ta-cha mah-naya)Tea i want (literally).
tk tk (teak teak)thank you (we are together in thought on this and it is good.) The hand gesture for tk tk is to take all the fingers of one hand, bring the tips all together, tapping your fingertips together twice.
t’m (tah-ahm)emotionally adopted non-family member or family units of multiple adults co-joined that are sought for advice.
Vtjme (AH vay taj)Grace me or Honor me with joining with you.
w db db (we dob dob)“a little something something” (…to eat).
xntr (jhen-tor)unwilling or sleepy/dopey.
vnth (ven-TAH)strength against the odds or strength against greater odds.
k'chw (kee-CHA-ah-way)spring water or fresh water that is drinkable and clear.